Chengdu International Express, Sichuan International Shipping, International Air Transport and other international logistics services

QQ图片20170315114110.pngDHL-DHL Express Service Company is the market leader in the global express delivery industry. The network can be sent to 220 countries and regions, covering more than 120,000 destinations (main postal code area), to provide special delivery and courier services to businesses and private customers. Zhongbai Logistics has in-depth and extensive cooperation with DHL. It is a grading agent for DHL inland in Hong Kong. It represents almost all DHL service items. Due to the huge shipment volume and excellent service, DHL has obvious price advantages and fast delivery One of the main agents in the southwest region, a strong cargo handling capability, a perfect logistics operating system, and a professional logistics operation team are your boosters to success.

QQ图片20170315114440.pngFedEx-FedEx is one of the world's largest express transportation companies, providing fast and reliable express services to more than 220 countries and regions around the world. According to the service type, China FedEx can be divided into: China FedEx Express Priority Service (International Priority (IP)) and China FedEx Express Economic Service (International Economy (IE)). The advantages of China Bai Logistics combined with FEDEX Express include TNT Including economic and global services. To develop more in-depth cooperation with it, aiming to provide customers with a faster and more economical integrated express service.

QQ图片20170315114550.pngThe global postal express delivery service (EMS international express delivery) is a special postal service launched by post offices in various countries. The EMS international express service enjoys priority in the postal, customs, aviation and other departments of various countries. It delivers high-speed and high-quality international emergency letters, documents, financial bills, commodity samples and other documents and articles to users, and has strong customs clearance capabilities. EMS International Express does not need to add fuel surcharge, does not calculate the volume and weight, according to the actual weight

Another international packet FBA continues! Automobile dedicated line for the five countries in Central Asia, Southeast Asia dedicated line! European dedicated line, BRE Iran dedicated line, etc.