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DHL emergency notice: Suspend receipt of goods destined for India!2020-06-30

After the Sino-Indian border conflict, India’s trade resistance against China ha…[ Details ]

List of China's first batch of key international logistics transportation contact companies announced2020-05-18

按照国务院部署要求,工业和信息化部配合交通运输部、外交部、商务部等部门,在国务院复…[ Details ]

Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the global air cargo market has entered a state of growth2020-05-18

As of early April, the size of the mainline jet fleet (Airbus and Boeing aircraft…[ Details ]

The explosive growth of Chinese and foreign airline cargo flights has increased over 400% over the same period in March and April2020-05-18

According to the press conference of the Civil Aviation Administration of China h…[ Details ]

Gulben Festival! Middle Eastern guests generally leave a holiday of about 5 days.2018-08-28

Eid al-Adha, also known as Eid al-Adha. The Eid al-Adha festival and the Eid al-F…[ Details ]

Chengdu Demonstrates Strength in the "Belt and Road" China Strategic Structure2018-06-21

[ Details ]

Chengdu will build a cross-border e-commerce global service resource center2018-06-21

[ Details ]

Build the hub of the western international portal “One Belt, One Road” to open the highlands Chengdu to do this2018-06-21

[ Details ]

From the inland port to the international logistics hub Sichuan Qingbaijiang is getting busier2018-05-21

An international train station and an international railway port have completed t…[ Details ]

DHL Awarded "Best International Express Logistics Service Provider"2018-05-21

Figure: DHL Express Job SceneCivil Aviation Resources Network May 17, 2018 News: …[ Details ]

US Black Friday and Thanksgiving online sales of 7.9 billion US dollars2017-11-28

Nov. 27, according to Reuters, retail analyst firm data show that online sales in…[ Details ]

Cross-border e-commerce plus "black five" offline channels rejuvenate2017-11-28

November 27, 2017 According to the news, "Black Friday" is a shopping c…[ Details ]

SF push international direct mail certification, speeding up cross-border logistics service transparency of logistics competitiveness.2017-11-28

Recently, SF Express provided SF Certified International Shipping (SF CIS) for ov…[ Details ]

Russian Post 90% of international parcels from China in the first half of this year2017-07-25

According to the Russian "businessman newspaper" recently reported that…[ Details ]

FedEx said its full-year results will be compromised by cyber attacks2017-07-25

According to the US financial website MarketWatch reported that FedEx recently is…[ Details ]

Jingdong and international logistics giant Yama Da reached a strategic cooperation2017-07-17

On July 11, Jingdong Group announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agree…[ Details ]

A total investment of 740 million Shun Feng Chengdu will build large-scale logistics UAV headquarters2017-07-17

July 13 news, SF announced a large logistics unmanned aerial vehicle headquarters…[ Details ]

China Express regulations "three bright spots and millions of courier are closely related2017-07-17

China Express regulations "three bright spots and millions of courier are cl…[ Details ]

Deutsche Post DHL 2017 fiscal year first quarter operating income and profits to achieve double increase2017-06-26

Deutsche Post DHL 2017 fiscal year first quarter operating income and profits to …[ Details ]

Express brother "to accept anti-drug training refused to" poison "2017-06-26

In recent years, the rapid development of logistics and express delivery industry…[ Details ]