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The RMB exchange rate returns to the 6.5 era!2021-08-02

On the 27th, the RMB exchange rate, which had been trading sideways for many days…[ Details ]

CCTV: The freight is expected to continue to rise until the end of the year! Hard to find a cabin! The market is unprecedentedly hot!2021-08-02

The continuation of the global new crown epidemic has severely hit the global avi…[ Details ]

Chengdu becomes the third city in mainland my country with dual international airports2021-06-28

Chengdu becomes the third city in mainland my country with dual international air…[ Details ]

Effective from July 1st! New rules you must know about EU tax reform2021-06-15

implified and transparent VAT declaration system, sellers can unified management …[ Details ]

The container freight rate from Shanghai to Rotterdam soared nearly five times, and the global ocean freight price hit a 12-year high2021-06-15

The shipping market continues to be hot, and global shipping prices are rising.Ac…[ Details ]

How long can the shipping industry be hot?2021-06-15

stock of empty containers in some important international ports is three times th…[ Details ]

During the Ching Ming Festival in 2021, the postal express industry across the country operates smoothly and orderly at a high level2021-04-07

Monitoring data from the State Post Bureau showed that during the Ching Ming Fest…[ Details ]

"Chinese Dream" flight test finale Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, the second largest airport in the world2021-04-07

"Chinese Dream" flight test finale Chengdu Tianfu International Airport…[ Details ]

Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone creates a new highland for opening up2021-04-07

Original title: Chengdu Customs assists Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone to build a …[ Details ]

The trade volume between China and Central and Eastern European countries has reached a new high, and the investment field has continued to expand2021-04-07

According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, the trade volume between China a…[ Details ]

IATA launches EPIC platform to enhance air cargo digital collaboration2021-04-07

The International Air Transport Association (IATA, hereinafter referred to as &qu…[ Details ]

WTO expects continued recovery in global trade2021-04-07

The World Trade Organization released a report on the 31st that last year's g…[ Details ]

2020 Chengdu import and export 715.42 billion yuan increase of 22.4%2021-01-21

▲2020年8月26日,中欧班列(成都)累计开行量在全国率先突破According to the first p…[ Details ]

IATA data shows that global air cargo decline narrowed in May2020-07-13

Recently, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) released global air …[ Details ]

DHL emergency notice: Suspend receipt of goods destined for India!2020-06-30

After the Sino-Indian border conflict, India’s trade resistance against China ha…[ Details ]

List of China's first batch of key international logistics transportation contact companies announced2020-05-18

按照国务院部署要求,工业和信息化部配合交通运输部、外交部、商务部等部门,在国务院复…[ Details ]

Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the global air cargo market has entered a state of growth2020-05-18

As of early April, the size of the mainline jet fleet (Airbus and Boeing aircraft…[ Details ]

The explosive growth of Chinese and foreign airline cargo flights has increased over 400% over the same period in March and April2020-05-18

According to the press conference of the Civil Aviation Administration of China h…[ Details ]

Gulben Festival! Middle Eastern guests generally leave a holiday of about 5 days.2018-08-28

Eid al-Adha, also known as Eid al-Adha. The Eid al-Adha festival and the Eid al-F…[ Details ]

Chengdu Demonstrates Strength in the "Belt and Road" China Strategic Structure2018-06-21

[ Details ]