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2021 Chinese Lunar Spring Festival-New Year holiday notice



Dear Customer:

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Zhongbai! According to the government's holiday arrangements, our company has decided as follows:

February 07: closed on Sunday, normal work

February 08: Service is restricted (Lunar 27th)

February 09: Suspension of service (the twenty-eighth lunar calendar)

February 10th-February 17th: All suspended

February 18th: Opening (the seventh day of the lunar calendar)

February 19: Restoring one after another

February 20: Closed on Saturday, normal work

Note: Affected by the holiday, if you have any emergency during this period, please consult your sales representative directly. Thank you

All employees of the company wish you and your family a happy Chinese New Year and a happy family! Congratulations!

Chengdu  sino-century Logistics Co., Ltd.

Sichuan CNC International Logistics Co., Ltd.

January 25, 2021