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Notice of recent international express customs clearance requirements of individual countries


1. Received Hong Kong DHL notice, all parcels sent to Egypt (EGYPT) must be accompanied by original invoices with the sender's signature and stamp. Please be aware.

2. After receiving the Hong Kong FEDEX notice, all shipments sent to Amazon in the UK must follow the following requirements: the sender cannot be an importer in the UK; the following information must be indicated in the importer column of the invoice: the real importer company name: COMPANY c/o Amazon; declare VAT/EORI number (if any); contact telephone number and email address in the UK; customs duties must be borne by the sender.

3. After receiving DHL notice, the goods picked up since September 1st will be sent to Europe (including Western Europe and Eastern Europe) through our DHL channels. Freight FREIGHT COST/TRANSPORTATION FEE must be declared on the invoice. If the customer provides real freight, the freight must be declared according to the freight provided by the customer. If the customer does not provide the declared freight, you must declare it by yourself. It is recommended that the minimum 0.5kg is 20 US dollars, and each additional 0.5kg adds 2 US dollars. If there is no declaration on the invoice, the customs clearance will self-declare at the official DHL price and charge high VAT. In addition, the goods will also be regarded as low declaration goods. There will be a fine of 50 euros per vote. Fines are subject to DHL bills. Whether it is a paperless country or a non-paperless country, the freight must be declared on the invoice information. Therefore, in order to avoid customs declaration VAT and low declaration fines at the published price. Please inform customers and related operations in time. Perform as required. please be aware!

4. Yuan cited DHL China-As the market situation is constantly changing with the continuous development of the new coronavirus epidemic, starting from August 24, 2020, we will adjust the billing amount of the emergency surcharge (ESS) .

We will adjust the charging amount of the following origin/destination combinations. This adjustment reflects the continuous changes in the market environment, air capacity, and prevention and control measures in various regions.

-Shipping from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries and regions to Australia and New Zealand: Adjusted from RMB 13 per kilogram to RMB 16 per kilogram. Please note that this adjustment is only applicable when the freight is paid within Asia.