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Several domestic airlines announced the resumption of international passenger routes


Several domestic airlines announced the resumption of international passenger routes

Statistics as of June 15 show that Air China, Hainan Airlines and Capital Airlines have announced the resumption of 5 international routes in June, namely:

Chongqing-Rome, Shenzhen-Vancouver, Beijing-Brussels, Chengdu-Kathmandu and Xi'an-Lisbon, covering North America, Europe and South Asia.

According to the introduction of Hainan Airlines, Hainan Airlines plans to resume the Chongqing-Rome round-trip international route from June 23, with one round-trip per week, and the schedule is every Thursday.

This is also the first intercontinental scheduled international passenger route to resume in Chongqing since the epidemic.

Previously, Hainan Airlines resumed the Shenzhen-Vancouver direct international route from June 9, and planned to perform a round-trip flight every week, and the schedule was every Thursday.

In addition, starting from June 7, Hainan Airlines will resume passenger services for the return Brussels-Beijing segment (the first point of entry to Xi'an) on the Beijing-Brussels international route;

The Beijing-Brussels international route operates twice a week on a regular basis. The outbound flight is on Mondays and Fridays, and the return flight is on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The first point of entry for the return flight is Xi'an.

Hainan Airlines also stated that at the beginning of the resumption of the flight, the Shenzhen-Vancouver segment will carry passengers and cargo normally, and the Vancouver-Shenzhen segment will only carry cargo in the belly hold.

In terms of Air China, on June 12, Air China resumed its international passenger flight from Chengdu Shuangliu to Kathmandu, Nepal, with one round-trip flight every Sunday. This is the second international route out of Chengdu that Air China has resumed after Singapore under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

In terms of Capital Airlines, on June 11, the passenger flight between Xi'an and Lisbon will be resumed, and a round-trip flight will be performed every Saturday.

With the gradual opening of the country and the gradual recovery of the aviation industry, domestic and foreign flights will definitely increase further in the future, giving overseas Chinese more options to return to China.

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